Hey there, I'm Anastasia, the lead photographer and founder behind Milk Photography.

My journey as a photographer began in 2014 when I received my first DSLR camera as a gift. It was all about capturing the world’s beauty, one shot at a time. Editing those pictures quickly became a true passion – I could spend hours perfecting each frame. By 2016, I realized that this passion could shape my path. That's when Milk Photography came to life.

At Milk Photography, we specialize in wedding, engagement, and lifestyle photography. Our lens tells stories through a classic, timeless perspective while embracing the contemporary essence of today. Our style is a mix of art and candid moments, with a dash of editorial flair.

But beyond the lens, we’re all about comfort and connection. Our sessions are fun, relaxed, and real. Your story drives our camera.

I hope we can capture your beautiful moments!


Lead Photographer and Founder, Milk Photography