When Elaha & Tameem envisioned an engagement shoot featuring a vintage car against the stunning backdrop of R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant in Toronto, it felt like a match made in photography heaven. The fusion of the European-inspired charm of this location, nestled in the heart of Toronto, and Elaha's vision had all of our Pinterest boards in a chokehold. It beautifully blended history, romance, and a touch of modernity.


The R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant stands as a testament to Toronto's architectural heritage. A hidden gem, it's a location that offers a unique escape into the past. What sets it apart is not just its architectural elegance but also its proximity to the waterfront, providing a picturesque beach-like setting.

The Blue Classic Convertible 1966 Ford Galaxie

Adding a pop of colour and a dash of nostalgia to the shoot was the classic blue convertible Ford Galaxie. Against the backdrop of the plant's timeless architecture, the car became a symbol of both vintage and timeless romance.


Elaha's choice of dresses and a vintage car perfectly complimented the location. The lace dress from House of CB, with its timeless elegance, totally resonated with the historical surroundings. The second white silk dress with an asymmetric cut on the leg and feather details from Rentesthetic was also a great addition to this vintage setting.

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