Why does your brand need professional photos?

Today almost everyone has access to a good quality camera. Creating good quality content is not that hard anymore! But if "good" is not enough for your brand, you are definitely in need of an eye of a professional photographer for your brand!

Personal Branding Photos

Your personal brand images have a huge impact on purchasing decisions of your potential clients. They create trust, help you tell a story of your business and create a bomb first impression.

Where can you use these photos?

  1. Place images throughout your website.
  2. Use them in posts on your Social Media platforms.
  3. Place them in your newspaper or emails.
  4. Use them in Press Releases about your brand.
  5. Submit them in your bio when you have speaking engagements.
  6. Use one of the images for your business cards.

Business Content

To connect with clients and potential customers you’ve got to show the human side of your brand. How are you embracing your brand values? How are you looking out for the best interests of your customers and employees? Does your product really work?

This is where creative Social Media content comes in handy!

Being active on Social Media requires branded content, which we can create on your personal branding session!

Quick Branding Session

30 min session
Standard Branding Portrait session
Approximately 15 high res edited photos
Pre-session consultation


Branding + Content

1 hour session
Branding Portrait session and Social Media content
Approximately 30 high res edited photos
Pre-session consultation


Business Portfolio

1.5-2 hour session
Branding Portrait + Social Media content for approximately 1 month + creative product photography (if required)
Approximately 50 high res edited photos
Pre-session consultation